Check out our Review of P19 on the Hemp Bud Forum

Check out our Review of P19 on the Hemp Bud Forum

This Cannabis strain is called P19 and its clocking in at 18.25% CBD! Total power house, top shelf dispensary numbers! It has truly been a pleasure reviewing this Cannabis. The flower comes from Starseed Botanicals, a up and coming player in the hemp bud game. I believe they are here to stay and will probably be on of the main CBD Flower companies real soon. Not a lot of info available on this strain, from research and talking to Starseed I believe it comes from African/Durban and Haze lineage. Either way this is some serious smoke.


The flavor is very nice. It’s got an earthy, sweet, citrusy flavor. Its not too overbearing, yet not too weak.  Maybe a slight hint of orange citrus perhaps. It’s also got a spiciness going on maybe a bit of cloves. It has a rather nice expansion when inhaled. I am also picking up hints of licorice and Pine. This stuff does not taste like hemp! I would bet you could pack 2 bowls, one with this, one with Durban Poison, blindfolded a smoker, let them try each and ask which they thought was Hemp and which was Marijuana. I would be shocked if they could tell the difference. This stuff is slam packed with tasty terpenes, very impressive for hemp!


The smell is very sweet, herbal and piney. I was impressed from first smell. It smells so good it really makes for a  fun time grinding up these buds. The smell is reminiscent of some of the first dank buds I have enjoyed back in the day. Think 90’s High Grade. It has a nice light green color covered in frosty crystals and red hairs throughout. This stuff should excel on a rosin press!


The effects are outstanding with this strain. When smoked by itself the flavor and expansion is incredibly gratifying. It brings all the standard effects of CBD flowers, just a bit stronger than normal. I would say average CBD percent right now is around 12% this stuff is almost 20%. It helps with focus, depression, and creativity. When mixed with a high THC flower it becomes extremely heavy, couch lock, nap time type thing. Very, very nice! I highly recommend it either by itself or mixed.

Overall Value

I would highly recommend this strain to any CBD/Hemp bud user. This is just good smoke and could easily be my go to CBD flower.

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