Botanical Blend CBD Cone
Botanical Blend CBD Cone

Botanical Blend CBD Cone

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At Starseed Botanicals, We have professionally created high quality Hemp Blends that are safe and organic. Our exclusive botanical blends offer a great alternative that is smooth, full bodied and enjoyable, with an enhanced taste from the different herbs. These herbs include Wild dagga, Blue lotus, Indian Warrior, Dream Herb, and much more to come. Each of these botanical infusions have their own unique flavor profiles, distinct fragrances providing a sensational experience on your next session. You'll find all of this in our four amazing blends. Which are:

Botanical Blends Pre-rolles are made with Hemp infusion coming at 16.66% CBD

Moksha Blend:

This sweet orange, eye catching blend was created with our Wild Dagga and high quality hemp blend.

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Maya Blend:

This infusion was created using our Dream herb and our high quality hemp blend. This combination may taste earthy but its definitely out of this world.

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Blue Energy Blend:

This sweet, floral tasting blend was created using our blue lotus plant and using our high quality hemp blend. The Combination of these plants mixed creates an enhanced taste similar to a a sweet dessert. If you want a sweet treat try our blue energy pre-roll.

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Please consult your physician about any medical concern you may have; and educate yourself thoroughly about any herbs and their potential contraindications before any type of use.

Wild Dagga Petals (Leonotis leonurus)


Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus) originated from South Africa by way of Arab traders who brought it there in the 1100s. The South African Hottentot tribe smoked the dried orange flowers to relax, or they drank the dried leaves as a tea to heal ailments from snakebite to flu to headaches to period-related pain. The flowers are reportedly better-tasting than the leaves. Wild dagga is completely legal in the U.S.

Blue Lotus  (Nymphaea Caerulea)


Some people today believe that the Egyptians used blue lotus as a narcotic, both for its healing qualities and as a recreational drug when soaked in wine. Though this is a hotly debated topic". The priest caste in Egyptian and Mayan civilizations used blue lotus extract for its narcotic properties, according to a 1981 paper by William A. Emboden. The ancient Egyptians believed in the medicinal power of the flower’s scent; they also are said to have smoked dried blue lotus flowers. Blue lotus is also possibly what Homer mentions in the high school English classic, The Odyssey. Homer writes of meeting island dwellers he calls the Lotus-Eaters, who eat the “honey-sweet lotus fruit” and never want to go home. He has to drag his men away from the island back to the ship — that’s how potent the lotus flower was! It might have been the sacred lotus, but the description of the lotus as being a sedative seems to suggest it was blue lotus.