BlueBerry Sky CBDa= 20.10%

BlueBerry Sky CBDa= 20.10%

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CBDa= 20.10% Δ9-THC=0.11% Total Terpenes: 8.070mg/g



BlueBerry Sky has a distinctive sweet flavor marked by blueberry and dessert-like notes, along with an earthy taste. However, it does have a bit of skunky hit on the exhale. This may still be a good choice for anyone who enjoys a good tasting strain.


The Blueberry Sky hemp flower strain has a strong, sweet blueberry aroma with undertones of earth and a slightly skunky hit.


Blueberry Sky has a syrupy, sweet, fruity flavor along with some nuttiness and vanilla notes on the inhale. Some users have described it as tasting like a dessert cake. It also features some deep, spicy, earthy, and herbal undertones on the exhale.


Blueberry Sky CBD strain has dense, tightly coiled buds typical of most indica dominate strains. It has moderately sized nugs and typically displays a dark, green color. However, when “shocked” by cooler temperatures during the growth phase, the flowers can boast vibrant purple hues.

Blueberry Sky is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s almost as sweet as it sounds. This hybrid has a tantalizingly decadent parentage. It is the combination of the well knows strain Girl Scout Cookies and the very popular Blue Dream, which come together to create a cool, nearly dessert-like cannabis strain with a taste that users rave over.

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