Electra Buddha: Private Reserve (Hemp)
Electra Buddha: Private Reserve (Hemp)

Electra Buddha: Private Reserve (Hemp)

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CBD= 15.05% Δ9-THC=0.12 % Total Terpenes: 8.98mg/g

Full Lab Results: 



Hemp Nirvana: Produced by breeding ACDC  with Early Resin Berry.



ACDC is the famous Cannatonic phenotype that helped revolutionize west coast CBD production. She is the backbone of many high CBD crosses due to her availability, high resin content, and strong terpenes.

Early Resin Berry (ERB):

This plant has been under development for several years and was inbred repeatedly to lock-in three very specific, true-breeding traits that are always passed on to progeny: (1) early flower initiation, (2) complex sweet berry flavor notes, and (3) high resin and terpene content.

ERB flowers and fan leaves are coated in large, extremely sticky trichomes that are tacky to the touch. Calyxes are large with purple tinges regardless of temperature, and are completed by fire-orange pistils.

The terpene profile is a complex sweet, citrus-berry smell that leaves your mouth watering. The CBD to THC ratios above 20:1.

Final Product:

This is a very powerful strain that will easily be one of our most poppular, a must try for any hemp flower fan. This strain is from a sister farm according to our strict quality standards. Get some while it lasts.

Please Note: This strain is of very limited quantity and is subject to being sold out.