Shanti Sour HARVEST 2021

Shanti Sour HARVEST 2021

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CBDa= 12.67% Δ9-THC=<LOQ 

Shanti Sour is a mostly sativa variety from and can be cultivated indoors. The genetic origins of Shanti strain are currently unknown.

This Strain has a unique character, different from all our other strains. She is powerful, but she won't lock you on the sofa. She will rather deliver an unique state of mind, happy and sometimes euphoric. She's perfect for meditation. 

The aroma is very strong and classic, reminiscent of a bouquet filled with dainty flowers and strawberries. Ideal for daytime or after work usage.

The word ‘Shanti’ is derived from the root word shama, which means tranquility, calmness, rest, equanimity, quietude, quietism, absence of passion, abstraction from external objects through intense meditation, peace, peace with, tranquilization, pacification, allayment, alleviation, cessation, extinction, absence of passion or excitement, impotence, alleviation or cure of disease, convalescence, final happiness, emancipation from all the illusions of existence, indifference, apathy, the hand, imprecation, malediction, of a king of the Nandivegas, of a son of Andhaka, of a son of Dharma Sutra, and of a divine female. When the suffix ktin is added to shama, the word ‘shanti’ is derived.



Please note: The Oregon Dept. of Agriculture has tested the THC content of the flowers prior to harvest and it is below 0.3% THC and is legal under federal law. 

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