Shiva's Suver Haze CBDa= 12.27%
Shiva's Suver Haze CBDa= 12.27%
Shiva's Suver Haze CBDa= 12.27%

Shiva's Suver Haze CBDa= 12.27%

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CBDa= 12.27% Δ9-THC=0.03%
Please note our greenhouse strains are in limited quantities and will sell out. Get some while we still have it.

This strain is extremely dense in terpenes and is our first greenhouse strain of 2018-2019 Harvest. It is hard to put into words how pungent, flavorful, and beautiful this flower is. It has an extremely powerful smell as well as some of the most powerful effects of any hemp flower we have ever tried. Simply put, this will change your perception regarding hemp flower.

Terpene Profile:
This strain has an intoxicating terpene profile. It has a complex profile with a mix of complex sweet berry and pine flavor notes. Hoppy and piney notes with hints of citrus. 

Information regarding the genetics:

(Suver #8 x ERB)


This strain has similar genetics to Krishna's Special Sauce and looks very similar. If you enjoyed Krishna's Special Sauce, you will love this strain.

SUVER: Special Sauce x Neville's Haze:The Suver #8 mom has the most unique and intoxicating terpene profile we’ve smelled in a CBD line. 

Suver Haze is a very special variety. After crossing our “Special Sauce” mom with our select (THC) Neville’s Haze male in 2015, an open pollination was conducted with 40 F1 siblings. When the resulting F2 seeds were grown out and chemotyped, only 1 plant out of 72 females in the test grow was a type III hemp plant (~25% should have been). After flowering her in greenhouses this past summer for the first time, she moved from “special” to “legend” status. 

ERB: Early Resin Berry: (1) complex sweet berry flavor notes, and (2) high resin and terpene content. 

Our “early series” varieties all share the same (reversed) pollen donor: we call her “ERB,” which is short for “Early Resin Berry”.  ERB flowers and fan leaves are coated in large, extremely sticky trichomes that are tacky to the touch. Calyxes are large with purple tinges regardless of temperature, and are completed by fire-orange pistils. The terpene profile is a complex sweet, citrus-berry smell that leaves your mouth watering. CBD to THC ratios above 20:1.

Please note: The Oregon Dept of Agriculture has tested the THC content of the flowers prior to harvest and it is below 0.3% THC and is legal under federal law. 


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