Artisan Palm Leaf CBD Blunt

Artisan Palm Leaf CBD Blunt

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Our Artisan Palm Leaf CBD blunts are perfect for those looking for a stress free premium hemp experience. Our Artisan Blunts are filled with 1.25-1.50 grams of our Private Reserve strains and are wrapped in a tobacco / additive free, slow burning King Palm Slim Roll. Our Artisian CBD Blunts are great for those looking for a smooth smoking experience.


Available Strains 

Cosmic Cherry Private Reserve (14.12% CBDa / Δ9-THC 0.08%)

Lifter Private Reserve (18.19% CBDa / Δ9-THC 0.04 %)

PineBerry Private Reserve (11.37% CBDa / Δ9-THC 0.16 %)

Sour Space Candy Private Reserve (15.94% CBDa / Δ9-THC 0.03%)

Full labs available under flower strain. 


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