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AtmosphereIncrease the synchronicities in your life by enhancing your psychic awareness. This blend of herbs have a pleasurable effect and supports a state of empathy and lucidity as herbal smoke blend or aromatherapy dry herb vape blend. 


Herbal Ingredients 

Organic Hemp

Purple Space Queen hemp CBDa= 13.87% Δ9-THC=0.13% Total Terpenes: 6.230mg/g

Organic Dream herb

Organic Catnip 

Organic Hops 

Organic Rosemary

Organic Mugwort


Two sizes:

Loose blend 4g 

Loose blend 22g includes 6 king palm blunts 

King Palms offer a slow & flavorful burn, and are rolled with a corn husk filter tip

Also potent for use as a tea or tincture. 









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