Lifter Private Reserve CBDa=18.2%
Lifter Private Reserve CBDa=18.2%
Lifter Private Reserve CBDa=18.2%

Lifter Private Reserve CBDa=18.2%

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 CBDa= 18.2% Δ9-THC=0.00% Total Terpenes: 18.620mg/g

Harvest 2019/2020

This strain is 🔥🔥🔥 and a note of caution, a little goes a long way. 

This flower was bred for an extremely high oil content hemp plant with dense, weighty flowers. After the initial cross (Special Sauce mom to a very high content, new world Haze line), the target was hit after 3 additional generations of inbreeding and careful selection to remove unwanted chemotypes and phenotypes.

The resulting mom carries a farnesene dominant terpene profile, has incredible vegetative vigor and grows like a bush with rock-hard flowers. The resulting cross of SH50 and ERB (Early Resin Berry) gives us Lifter (in homage to the famous heirloom tomato, Mortgage Lifter).

The flavor is sweet funk, with some hints of fuel! 

This is a very flavorful strain and will go down as one of our best sellers. This strain is from a sister farm according to our strict quality standards. Get some while it lasts.

Lifter is a perfect name for more reasons than one. Whenever you need a lift, make sure you have some heavy lifter at hand. 



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