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Lobelia // Lobelia inflata

Lobelia // Lobelia inflata

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Botanical name: Lobelia inflata.
Other names: Indian tobacco
Lobelia is native to North America where it has been used traditionally for asthma, allergies, whooping cough, congestion, and bronchitis (for its expectorant and antispasmodic effects). It has also been used for tobacco withdrawal as a herbal remedy to quit smoking. In fact, Lobelia is commonly known as ‘Indian Tobacco’ as the native people traditionally used it as a smoking herb, and alternative to tobacco (yet it is non-addictive). 
Lobelia contains lobeline which is believed to have a chemical make up similar to nicotine. Studies have found lobeline to stimulate the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that plays a key role in producing feelings of pleasure and well-being. Perhaps this is why it has also been used to assist in quitting alcohol as well, as most addictive behaviours involve dopamine. Recent studies have found lobeline to show promise in the treatment of depression.
Due to the potential toxicity of the active constituent lobeline,  In high doses, lobelia can induce vomiting, and this effect was even used by the North American eclectics as a means to cleansing the body. (Lobelia is still used internally in other countries as a low dose botanical, usually under the guidance of a herbalist or naturopath).
Topically, Lobelia is used to soothe muscle pain, treat insect bites and ringworm, and promote the healing of bruises and sprains.
PreparationAs a smoking herb, use in a blend with other alternative smoking herbs. Slowly replace your tobacco or cannabis with the Lobelia blend until you no longer feel the need to smoke.

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WARNING: Smoking anything, including herbal products of any kind, is harmful to the body.

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